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 Commercial Painting Services in Vancouver BC

We make your property look its best with the least disruption to your customers  or tenants.  We understand the weather of the northwest and work with that in mind.

Has the Vancouver B.C. weather taken its toll on the paint on your property? Has the exterior of your building lost some of its former luster? Is it time to update some colors on the interior of your building? Need the color scheme on your franchise updated? Maxim Coatings can help. We understand that appearance can go a long way.

Be it an apartment building, strata, office complex, industrial building, retail store,  shopping center, a restaurant, medical building, hospital, school, church, hotel, warehouses, or any other kind of building, we can paint it. We get along with other contractors and have likely worked with them before.

A fresh layer of the proper paint helps to protect and maintain the integrity of the material it is covering from water, sun damage, moisture and cold. All of which helps building material last longer, to avoid even more costly repairs.

Our clients get the very best experience possible, resulting in an excellent finished product, while investing the least amount without having to repaint anytime soon.

Some contractors try to cut costs by using inferior paint. The problem with this is that it ends up costing quite a bit more in the long run because its does not protect as well as a quality paint and often will not last as long,  introducing the need to paint again.

Some contractors are starving for work and may underbid a large commercial painting job with stars in their eyes, but without their feet on the ground.  We have the experience, tools and budgeting to do an excellent job, you will not be disappointed.

Maxim Coatings will finish the job on time and on budget.

At Maxim Coatings our number one goal is creating long term customers by providing an excellent experience from start to finish, one that you will recommend to others.

To learn more Commercial Painting Services by Maxim Coatings, give us a call today at 604-600-6671. You can also reach us through our Contact Us page.

House painting vancouver BC

House painting Vancouver BC