REO Painting Services

Realtors, Investors, and Banks, Maxim Coatings can help get your property ready for a quick sale. We offer packages outstanding to completely paint the interior or exterior of your REO or investment properties. Need it quick? We can typically turn the job around in just one to two days.

Maxim Coatings recognizes that property owners, businesses, banks and investors in Vancouver BC are interested in enhancing the value of of their real estate owned (REO) and rental properties. Whether they are a property owner hoping to rent out one or many spaces in their building, or an investor simply looking to sell or rent a home, our management and painters know how to transform a space with our full range of services.

If the walls are in need of paint because a renter has moved on or the property is newly acquired, a quick cosmetic paint job may not significantly enhance the value. Maxim Coatings can add significant value to the property so that our customers can get top dollar for their sale or rental. The value should be highly visible. The work needs to be top quality. That begins with working closely with our customers so that our painters give the property the look it needs.

Often the final stage in removing odors and stains, as well as finishing up repair work involves a proper coat of paint and primer. Trust the experts at Maxim Coatings to be sure this is done right.

Maxim Coatings offers various paint services for residential and commercial customers. Our paint services run from typical residential interior and exterior painting to commercial buildings. We also provide painting services to multi-family dwellings such as HOA’s and apartment complexes.

As both an exterior painting contractor and interior painting contractor we specialize in all aspects of painting. Our application techniques include spray painting, brush and roll painting, as well as stain finishing for wood products.

To learn more about Maxim Coatings REO painting services , give us a call today at 604-600-6671. You can also reach us through our Contact Us page.